You want a day like no other—an occasion you’ll remember for the rest of your life. We hear ya! The Doherty Big House provides a few options:

Have your intimate wedding or rehearsal at the Doherty Big House. With a big backyard, patio and a chef’s master grill, it’s a perfect place for a celebration. We can help arrange catering and amenities.

For a wedding party, the Doherty Big House is a great place for to stay and get ready for a big day. You and your guests will enjoy your stay and reminisce about it for the rest of your lives. 

Attending a wedding in town and want some down-time in a family environment? The Doherty Big House is a family-friendly house, perfect for a multi-generational stay.


family reunion

Family reunions are a great time to catch up with relatives and get those multi-generation pictures. If you already have the general idea of getting together, but you need a place to hold the reunion, come stay with at the Doherty Big House! There is enough space to entertain everyone. We can help out with the logistics and catering, should you need it.